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Here Be Dragons

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Been a while, ya? Having finally gotten settled into the new house, I’ve had to time to adjust and grow bored. Boredom has lead to a surprising bout of creativity, which in turn inspired me to dust off the key bored and blog a bit. I have no doubt that my Spans (since most, if not all, of my comments are from spammers, I’ve decided to give them a name: i.e. Span = spammer + fan) will be most appreciative at the additional opportunity, to… well, spam.

Thanks to a love of Christi Friesen’s work, I decided to pull out my polymer clay and give dragon-making a try.  The first few I created were made to crawl on the large crystal chunks that I dug up around our property. This gorgeous crystal is native to our place! The two dragons below are actually my second try. This is Eke and Peek.

Eke and Peek

Then we have my first attempt at a tail fin. This little guy is Filbert.


This next little fellow is Buchu. I give this one a more fin-type tail, tho forgot the mica powder. Still a cutie tho, even without his rock.


And lastly, we have Nyla. She (tho admittedly, I have no way of sexing them) was the last rock dweller that I have created so far. The bad thing about these guys is, that they are molded and cooked on their rocks, so when I take them off to finish them up, I can’t remember how to put them back!


I have a few more of these cuties in the works, tho the newest crew will be wearable art. My intention is to post them as soon as I get photos, but you know what they say about good intentions…