The Evolution of Mighty Mouse

“Might Mouse?” You might ask. To which I would reply, “You’ll need to refer to June 14th’s post, Go Figure…” Mouse, or Mighty as he prefers to be called, is the Breyer G3 Mustang with his feather shorn and a newly sculpted mane and tail. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my work, please be aware that it doesn’t always turn out the way I have it planned, no matter the materials that I use. Often a particular piece will tell me (okay, sounds weird I know, but I do get told) what color (in the case of my painting) or show me the shape (with polymer clay) that it wants to be. M&M (okay the Mouse and I had it out over the name, so we compromised) was supposed to be a nice red bay Appaloosa… We never made it that far… We managed to get to bronzy buckskin before he spoke up (which is to say that my intuition told me: STOP HERE! This is where we want to be). So my tidily-packed color train has been totally derailed… I’m still planning on an Appaloosa, but that may change depending on the M&M. Photos of our painting session follow:

Above photo is after the first couple of coats of pastel dust… I started with an almost-corn-colored pile and gradually added more and more¬† shavings of orange and terra cotta, see below.

And I just added this progressively darker corn + orange + terra cotta (corangeotta?) color, leaving strategic areas (pangare mostly) bare of extra shading.  (below).

By this point (below), I ‘m increasing the ratio of terra cotta to orange pastel getting shaved into the pile.

He’s beginning to look a bit like the Great Pumpkin (Ha!! Get it? A pumpkin M&M!! Sometimes I just kill myself!) despite the addition of violet (which can be seen more clearly right where his mane lays across his withers). So to tone down his bright color a bit, I added a shave or two of cobalt blue, viola:


And it was at this point that M&M spoke up. He felt as tho buckskin would suit him better, however I wasn’t so sure. I’ve already had one intended-bay tell me she preferred to be chestnut and dammit, I didn’t want to give-in to another! I really wanted him to be bay. So I tried again:


I darkened his legs a bit in an attempt to convince him that he wanted to be bay…

This is where he and I came to a stalemate, finally deciding that we’d paint his mane and tail as well as darken his legs, and decide from there.


And here is where I gave up: Mighty Mouse in all his golden buckskin glory… I’m debating either a patchy roan hip blanket or snowflakes on the hips. So far he’s not been too lippy about that decision, so he may be done by the end of the week. But then again, he may not. Keep an eye peeled…



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