Flea Bites!!

Being from The Old School of Model HorseHacking, I see what was once a “cutting edge technique,” becoming somewhat antiquated, for lack of a better word. Back in The Day, the favored method for applying fleabites was by using a tooth and/or paint brush loaded with skim-milk consistency paint, and flicking or splattering said bites onto the lucky recipient (i.e. model horse). In the midst of what’s placed on the show table today, these splatter-painted guys tend to be overlooked in favor of much more detailed models. So with that said, below are my first attempts at penciled fleabites.

Both this model

Both of these boys were dusted with super-pale mixes of pastel dust and mica powder, which progressively got darker (minus the mica powder) with each application. Believe it or not, the LB TWH resin was the more difficult of the two, as far as using colored pencils go… With the SM, I just tapped and tapped and tapped, following the direction of the hair growth. With the LB, I had to invest a bit more time in placing pencil to model, to avoid that pesky Been-Painted-By-A-Coke-Addict-With-A-Nervous-Tick look.

I’ve also found that these models require lots of layers of protective spray, at least for me, as I tend to place aforementioned beastie on my lap while I work and just that slight contact causes the bites on the opposite side to smudge, fade and disappear altogether.

Will be posting photos of these boys when they get their hair done.

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