Go Figure…?

A body just naturally tends to think that a one-eyed artist would stick with the larger models, ya?  At least larger than the 5″ mark. Especially when that very same artist, used to prefer working on a larger victi—err… models. Au contraire! I find that I’m becoming hooked on minis… Go figure… I honestly don’t know why I’ve been bitten by the mini bug. My current theory is that, during my hiatus from the hobby, I sold off a lot of my critters and what I didn’t sell got thrown away (no worries, they were just bodies in all stages of customization), thereby downsizing tremendously. Since, like a druggie with a habit, I just could not leave the models alone, I cracked and acquired four Traditionals. Did I mention that I downsized? Well, it wasn’t just with models… it was with living space, too. I have wayyy too much non-model stuff (not to mention the tons of models yet still packed up) with no where to put any of it (them). Walking through our house is very much akin to traversing a mine field; if you do it, you may be hurt. So to conclude my lengthy explanation, I believe I’m gravitating toward the minis due my space constraints.  And with that said, here’s what I’m doodling with currently.

This G2 Stock Horse is intended to be a nice loping WP type Appy gelding with a thin mane and rat tail …

Below are two G3 Arabian stallions eyeballing each other… Both have had their feet refined a bit, tho the chestnut’s only getting a resculpted tail. The bay (on the right) is now standing with his head extended and is going to have sculpted floss m/t.

This G3 Mustang has had his legs cleaned off and sports a newly sculpted mane and tail.


This is another G2 Stock Horse with his head dropped and a pooky lip. He’ll have a sculpted floss mane and tail.


Stone Pebbles Stock Horse CM into an Iberian type (Andalusian? Lusitano? Who knows…)

This poor old guy has resided, in this basic shape, within my body box since this particular mold came out. I have tried to sell him unfinished several times with no takers. Since I think he looks kewel, I decided to finish him myself (I mean, it was my stupid arse that decided to work on the minis, ya?). His tail is just roughed in at this point and hanging off his booty by the twisty-tie used to create the inAAitial form. Can you say lazy? But in my defense, it’s wonderfully twisty (duh, it’s a twist tie after all. Go figure…) and I can change my mind quite a bit about his tail carriage without any worry of the wire breaking.

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