The Olde School Tool

I set to work hacking up another critter today with my trusty coping saw. This tried and true implement has been with me for a very long time.

Here, held aloft with a pre-made, twisted wire “spine,” I’ve used Ye Olde Coping Sawe to frame my on-site foreman, Mojo. Due to CTS in both hands, I can’t hold the stupid thing very long to saw with it, so I’ve developed the following alternative approach:

I hold it between my knees while using both hands to, instead of holding the saw, hold the object to be hacked (which in this case is the neck). Worx like a charm.  So then I stuck in the pre-made spine mentioned earlier to connect the itty bitty head to the itty bitty body from whence it came, like so:

Then he got a neck form roughed in like so:


Now this is just to give me an idea of what he needs in terms of a neck… I dunno if I’ll trim a bit along the crest or not… Tho in looking at him now, I’ve decided to braid his mane and tail in sculpted floss¬† and leave the Pooky Lipped QH gelding in western dress. Maybe a nice banded mane…? Dunno….

And here is my second G2 CM QH:

Being as how this guy is intended to be a Foundation Type Appaloosa, I’m going to whack his head off at some point and shorten that neck a bit. I really don’t care for the turn in the neck of this mold and once I redid him into a canter, it seems the curve is much more pronounced, or at least much more noticeable now. I don’t know how other peeps do it, but I’ve never had any luck taking pictures of horses (real or otherwise) facing me without them looking like some weird kind of bubble-headed balloon float. And that fact alone has necessitated the change in this beastie. I think the length of that neck’s more noticeable in this photo:

In my mind, this does not a Foundation Appaloosa equal! Stay tuned…


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