DeTail of Two Models

I have had one custom (G3 Highland Pony) sitting around waiting to have her hooves finished. And two others ( G1 Arabian Mare and G4 Driving Horse) awaiting their markings, that like to hang out with her.  It’s the latter two that are pictured here:

I purchased both of these guys already prepped and primed. They don’t photograph very well as the flash really washes out all of their nice shading. While they may look it, they aren’t the same color. I’d initially intended the Arab to be bay and early on in the pastel dusting process, she adamantly stated that she wanted to be a chestnut. I kept going with plans of a bay (note her dark knees and unpainted legs; these were intended to be black) and finally she’d had enough; I stopped the dusting process immediately. She only had 2 coat of the acrylic base on her m/t when I took this photo today.  The Driving Horses beside her too, is chestnut, tho a much brighter shade. She is in the process of getting her blanket put on in this photo. I had initially penciled in a “roan” blanket and went back over it with thinned white paint. I’ll post pix of the finished G3 Highland Pony soon.

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