Highland Pony Completed

I am so pleased to finally have finished this mini. She’s been hanging around the studio for a couple months in only her body color; I just could not get the G3 Highland Pony Fire stoked and burning under my patootey. And now, tah-dah!

Okay now, I know that it’s not like I painted the Mona Lisa or anything. But sometimes I lose momentum with a certain creation (no matter what it is), occasionally to the point of dislike. In rare instances, the dislike grew until I despised a few, which were then promptly sold.  Weird, ya? I think so, too. O well, what we can’t change we learn to bear gracefully, ya? So I’m stoked because not only did I finish her, but I still like her. Anyhoo, for those interested, the G3 Highland Pony is for sale.

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