Well here she is:

I had initially wanted to paint this mare a red bay rabicano, but as I was progressing through my color hues, I heard whispers. Okay now, I’m not crazy (at least not officially anyway), but I did have this ever-increasing intuition (very much akin to the whispers we hear in our mind; our conscience is an example) that this critter wanted to be chestnut. So in a nut shell, she whispered to me. Hence the name…. I purchased her already prepped and primed by Martha Wells, who also gave her a new mane. It’s hard to tell with the flash and lousy indoor photo but she’s loaded with detail and is for sale.

As for what’s cookin… I have two more that need details to finish them up (G3 flea-bitten Friesian and G4 Driving Horse in bright chestnut with a spotted blanket), 2 that are getting primed (G3 Mustang and G2 Stock Horse) and many more in all stages of chopped-upedness. Hopefully I can get the Friesian posted tomorrow.



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