East and West

I finally got the first layer of putty on the G2 Quarter Horse…

Foundation type Appaloosa with rat tail and thinned mane.


…and the G2 Thoroughbred:

Polo Pony with braids and a mud knot.

These fellows have pictures of their sorry selves somewhere else among the earlier pages here… This is just the first application of putty, hopefully the finer stuff can be done on the second application. (Epoxy putty and I have a love/hate relationship. It’s not unusual for me to have to really psych myself up for a day or two before even breaking out the putty. That’s because while I love the results, I sincerely and deeply dislike handling the stuff during application. BLUCK! PTOOEY!!) Still have a way to go on both… The stock horse needs some more work on his hip and flank area, as well as finer detailing on his forehead and boy bits. The polo pony needs the messed up back hoof doctored a bit more as well as work on his/her/its (undecided there) neck and shoulders (don’t like the way they adjoin).

My plan here is to attend the major parts (missing muscle masses due to moving and/or removing of bits and pieces) first and when they’re up to snuff, I’ll tend to the finer things (such as wrinkles, pooky lips, nostrils, faces, etc). More photos to come as they progress.


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