Nez Perce

This fellow is the biggest PITA that I’ve worked with in a while, insofar as removing a tail.

Another that came to me with a broken leg…

I wanted to lower this critters neck, but still wanted to keep the beautiful lean lines of the original piece, so I whacked it off and trimmed it a bit. I also started resculpting the “lail” (or “teg,” either way, it = leg + tail) into something more like a leg. And as I whittled away, I remembered why I don’t CM Native Dancers too much (tho I do love this mold). I suppose this critter’s lack of mane should, in some small way (not!), make up for the major chore of lail-resculpting.

As I was working on this fellow, he took a plunge off the shelf and broke both of his ears… I guess it’s time for me to learn how to make stablemate sized ears, ya?

As I was sanding and cutting away at the mass of plastic between those back legs, I inadvertently used that left-fore for leverage and popped it off again. At this point I gave up and just used a clipped-off straight pen as an armature. In the photo below, you can kinda get an idea of what a chewed up mess his patootey is…

Still tons of plastic to carve out and off…

Got the first layer of putty added and made something closer to a bone for that missing front leg.

The head still has to be filed for ears and I need to work on making sure that entire neck looks harmonious. Right now getting the putty to blend smoothly in the negative spaces is aggravating, hence the layers. Still have the lower leg to work on too, so I’ll prolly build that gradually as I go (I tend to crack under pressure and if I know that I don’t have to rush and will have another “putty session” at my leisure, I seem to not flub it so badly!)




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