Itty-bitty Ear Project

Ever wonder what happened to my earless stablemates? Well, they’ve been setting around waiting patiently for me to get up off of my arse and figure something out. At first, I was going to try Laura Skillern’s nifty method, but the tutorial was for traditional ears and the idea of trying some so much smaller was daunting to say the least. (I really dislike making ears) Then I decided to just eighty-six that idea and to make them out of superglue and baking soda. I’d planned on the “Blob Approach…” You know, just making an ear-sized blob and whitlin’ that sucker down with my trusty carbide scrapers and jewelers files. Wellllll….. I eighty-sixed that one, too. So, back to the first method from Laura. And here’s the result:

This is before I cut the long tail-like ends off.

So I’m still procrastinating attaching them; hopefully I’ll attempt that today. Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t wind up with critters that look like the bastard children of bunnies.

On a different note, here is the Stone Chips Andalusian that was also purchased prepped and primed.

This is the latest painted critter. Now I might be prejudiced, but I think this he’s awesome. His body color ranges from wheat gold to black, with russets, caramels and yellows used. He’s got lots of bells and whistles and is for sale.

Stay tuned… I may have ears with models attached soon.

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